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Отправлено 02 Июль 2013 - 14:53


Пост про амеродемократию (не мой)

One of the most powerful images, which the United States won the hearts and minds of people all over the planet, was the myth of democracy and freedom. The United States has become a model for all, "beacon of democracy", received the right to tell other countries to their faults and weaknesses.

In reality, this is just a hoax, an illusion. Since the emergence of "democracy" in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the system was slavery. A certain percentage of the rich and the "middle class" of that time ruled the poor and the huge mass of slaves on the use of which has been based economy policies states. Talking about the "democratic" Athens, the Roman Republic fail to mention the thousands, hundreds of thousands of slaves to the brutal exploitation of which stood the prosperity of nations. The modern West is conceptually oriented Rome and the "democratic" policies of Greece, and as a result the world was built planetary slave-owning system. In the Soviet Union and later Russia cheated images of people of Italian, French, American and other Western films, which showed well-fed, prosperous life "middle class" - bloated to create abundant showcase of "capitalism" (in the last decade, this class is destroyed, especially clearly this has become evident in recent years, it has not needed). But the Soviet and Russian people very rarely showed the wrong side of life of Western countries and countries where the rule of "liberal democracy" - millions of homeless people, the poor, the slaves (prostitutes), farm laborers, slum life, "color" ghetto. Not told about the redistribution of the world's resources for the benefit of the population of the "golden billion". The fact that in reality, all the power in "democratic countries" belongs to plutocrats, and the control system can be safely called plutocracy (al-Greek.. Πλοῦτος - wealth, κράτος - board), where all the real power belongs to a few tens of clan-families.

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