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Отправлено 02 Июль 2013 - 13:11


Обсуждаем могущество амероармии


Пишет ДжиАй
I really want to comment on this but I'm not quite sure what your trying to say sooooo I'm not gonna go bashing around. But simply remember Americas wars are not dependent on chineses economics. Our Military is the strangest and most well funded and supplied on earth and we are the most combat experienced military in the world and we have allies all around the world. sooooo ill just leave it there[/quote]

 Мой скромный ответ: 
Yes, your carrier groups are mighty. "Trident" is a masterpiece of rocket production. BUT, imho, in Afganistan your Military is not so effective in comparison with Soviet's occupation. Aganist USSR were well traned forces with portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapon etc. Your military acts vs poor peasants with poor weapon (self-made bombs, ancient like mammoth's shit rifles etc).

And World saw how your ally - Georgia was smashed up by Russian forces and your terrible Military just supplied to georgians toilet paper  to wipe kicked ass.

Iran is not Afanistan. This country has its own war industry and large forces. And Russia, imho, will not be silent if your Military begin liberal and democratic peacfull bombing of Iran.





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